Men, You’re Doing It Wrong!

It’s been said that men and women are opposites.

That while men love with the eyes, women will love with their hearts. This is perhaps the misguided notion that most of our significant others use when they shop for our gifts. That “she’ll appreciate that I got her a card and a flower vase because I listened as she talked endlessly about flowers on our last date.” Or that “a nice cosy dinner at a fancy restaurant is all she’ll need to properly celebrate a year of us being together.”


Don’t get me wrong fellas. Those are all fantastic and thoughtful acts but I’m afraid that you’re missing a point.

Women are competitive. We are so competitive that in fact, should the entire male species (by some misfortune) drop off the face of the earth, guess what, we would all dress just as good.

We would still take the same amount of care (if not more) to put on make up and to look stunning because sub-consciously, we have been doing it all along, not for men to notice but instead to …what’s the phrase… yes. To ‘one-up’ each other.

Therefore, the man who is truly ‘winning’ is the one that recognizes this and buys his woman a gift worthy of her friends’ envy.

Don’t just buy her flowers. Buy her flowers and make sure they get delivered to her office and smack in the middle of the day so all the other women can see.


Oh and preferably a HUGE Bouquet.

Big Big Bouquet

Okay that’s too huge. Lol… you get the point though.

Then, don’t just ask her out, get her a chocolate cake with the message ‘Go out with me?’ and again, have it brought to her at work.

Will You

Oh and don’t just get her a flashy gift, give it to her in the presence to her friends and make sure she was NOT expecting it. The more surprised she is the more points you score with her squad.


Finally (and this one is how you get yourself at the very top of the list of all the guys she’s dated), get her friends’ opinions on what thoughtful gift to get her.

This will not only rack up envy points, it will also cement your place as a member of her friend-circle and that my friend, is how you catapult yourself to ‘fiance’ and ‘possible husband’ status.


You see, while it’s true that we (women) do in fact love with our hearts and that more often that not, the “it’s the thought that counts” factor will be your savior when your gift choice is shady/ cheap, we are also very weary (no matter how much we deny) of other women and their opinions.

Note: I am in no way claiming that women are all gold diggers or that simple gifts will get you nowhere; Only that a simple thought that is planned out the right way, can go a lot further.

Feel me?


3 Comments Add yours

  1. winnie says:

    I feel you,,, and I hope they read it. Keep writing as we love reading nice articles like this 👌


  2. Willet Wesh says:

    Thanks for the article, I’ve noted it Asap.


  3. William says:

    Some girls will not be comfortable with the guy being friends with her squad to a point of asking them what gift she will need, and my ex really did not like flowers nor showing off to her friends, i know this type of a girl…..and she is not my preference….


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