Why You Need That One Good Cry

Break-ups are inevitable. Seriously. Name one person you know that ended up with the First person they fell in love with. See what I mean?

Now, unfortunately, knowing THAT alone doesn’t make the ‘breaking-up’ process any less painful. It sucks.There’s the fact that ‘it didn’t work out so there goes all your dreams of ‘happily ever after’, there’s the fact that you are never getting any of the time you spent together back and then there’s the painful realization that the person you just broke up with, could (an probably will) fall in love with someone else.

Yes. These are the things that keep us up at night after a break up. Those ‘how could she not see everything I’d done for her?’ and the ‘can’t believe after all the time we spent together, he can decide to…’.

It’s life. There will always be a down-side to every up-side, the only difference being in how we choose to accept each and accepting as you’ll see below, is more often than not the hardest part.

I read online that Harvard (or Oxford,… well one big and famous university) conducted a study about the ‘glass half full’ mentality and found that people who thought of the glass half empty, took a very long time to accept that it was actually half full.

My point being, that it is very difficult to change your mind from a negative to a positive but that doesn’t mean that it’s not possible.

It just takes practice. As you can imagine, this is good news! When you think about it, it’s the key to ‘getting over a break up’ or ‘moving on’.

Choose to see the positives. Yes. There ARE positives about a break up. Don’t believe me?

How about, you’ll never meet the right person if you’re in the wrong relationship. How about the fact that none of your friends want to keep seeing you mope over that girl. How about the fact that an unfulfilled relationship will make you slowly lose sight of who you really are and what you’re worth.

There are plenty of reasons to appreciate the end of relationship and above those, there are certain things worth remembering.

Growing up, I liked to think that every good cry after a break up was one cry closer to ‘the one’.

So next time you’re caught up in sad thoughts about why it ended, or what happened, quit blaming yourself. Allow yourself to feel bad about it but remember that every sad notion is only one step closer to inner peace.

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Credit: Helena Wierzbicki for the very beautiful fine art cover photo


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  1. samuel musyoka says:

    really enjoy……God bless u


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