I Don’t Pick Your Calls Because…

It’s not for lack of being friendly and it’s not cause I hate you (not always anyway).

It’s just that sometimes I may be busy but admittedly, sometimes, I’ll let the phone ring as I watch and here’s why.

Maybe you’ve angered or disappointed me in the past. 

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. They broke your heart no less than an afternoon ago and they’re calling you now. *insert eye roll* Or every time they call, it’s to deliver bad news or worse yet, give you more tasks to perform when it’s way past your overtime limit. If you’re either of the two, then don’t worry, I will call you back… a day after never!!

Yes I know it’s wrong but from where I’m standing, I’m better off protecting my heart from any more hurt and disappointment. #SorryNotSorry

Maybe I’ve angered or disappointed YOU in the past.

Yes it goes both ways. Ever let someone down so bad you didn’t know how to start or continue a phone conversation? One time I had to cancel an appointment twice and no matter how legit the reason was (and believe me it was) I couldn’t bring myself to do it the third time.

I grew out of that though (thank God!). These days, I’ve learnt it’s best to not pay too much mind to what people will presumably think about you.

You may be the kind that never knows when to hang up.

Boy have I got a lot of these and it may be because I’m so friendly and approachable and quite the chit-chatter myself but sometimes I just want to chill and not have an hour long convo with anyone (no bias). So, I may turn the ringer off my phone and turn it the other way around to reduce the guilt of my snobbish behavior if only sometimes, then gleefully apologize the next time we meet, when I make up a somewhat believable excuse.

You’re my ever broke BFF.

If you just laughed at that subtitle, then thank you for understanding. I’m referring to that one friend whose airtime always cuts you both off in the middle of a story. You love them so much that if they call you, you’ll either cut them off to call them back instead or pick up the phone for two seconds to let them know that you’re about to call them back.

This is especially true for friends who don’t share the same area code as you. It may be a lot cheaper for one of you to call the other.

My parents are sited next to me and I know you’re a dirty talker!!!

Because how am I supposed to react when you’re on the phone talking about all the dirty nasty things you’d like to do to me when I’ve got my born again, fellowship attending, bible study fanatic mother looking straight at me?? No. Thy call shall go unanswered sir! But will be followed by a text explaining why.

I really do have a job!

This is for all the people who take it way too personal when their calls go un-received. Yes I have a job. Yes I work. No I’m not always on my phone. No I don’t have to stop, drop and roll each time you call.

I’m not sure what to think about our relationship.

This is for the guys that are always desperately clawing their way out of the friend zone. Like thanks for making our friendship awkward! Let’s save each other weird phone convos please.

You may have portrayed yourself as a stalker.

Not that I think you are but what else can I say about a guy who calls about three hundred and fourteen times a day? (Don’t ask why that was so specific). Might want to dial it down sir… or missy.


Lol. Not that it’s okay to not pick up calls but you’ve got to agree that we have all been in one of the scenarios above. Hope you enjoyed the read! And oh yeah, feel free to tell me about more scenarios.


Photo by Clive Muthomi of Sceen Cut Production



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  1. kibe hum says:

    nice one…help me open awebsit ray


    1. Thank you for reading Kibe 🙂 You can open your own blog just by creating a wordpress account. Simply go to http://www.wordpress.com to get started. All the best!


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