My Journey

Isn’t it ironic how you sometimes prepare for that one job interview, cram all your achievements, skill sets and prepare for the most daunting questions like ‘why are you leaving your previous job?’ yet, the question that seems to always fail us is the ‘tell us a bit about yourself’.

Yeah this sort of feels like one of those moments. You see, three years ago I started a blog. Mostly because I needed something to get my mind off of things. I’d lost my dad and was still struggling with getting proper perspective on my life and where it was headed. I was basically questioning why it is I do anything that I do. What was the purpose of my life.

Not saying I have figured it out yet. In fact. I haven’t. But I do know that rather than worry about it, I have chosen to enjoy the journey. All of it. The good times, the not so good times, the fantastic times and the ‘I just want to bury my head in a pillow’ times.

So what’s my blog about? My Journey. Lucky for you, I happen to work in the entertainment news industry which means that most of it should be entertaining.

I am currently a radio show host at Kenyan radio station Homeboyz Radio where I also double as an Entertainment News Editor and Reporter.


This means I thankfully get to meet a lot of artists, actors, writers, movers and shakers of the entertainment scene.

As awesome as that sounds it only comes second to my number one job which is being a mom. It’s only the best thing to ever happen to me!

I’m sorry. I seem to be narrating my journey in backwards form.

Let’s start over.

Growing up I was always shy and distinctly aware that I was much … what’s the word? Well that I was more chubby than my friends. Fearing getting teased for it, I wound up not being very social.

Until I discovered Harry Potter!! How did he help? I read my first Harry Potter while hiding out in the primary school library. Like I said, I wasn’t social. I would have ‘rathered’ hunching over novels at lunch break than chatting away with friends.

But when I brought the novel with me to class, that all changed. I found out that most other students had been reading it and that then became how I made friends.

After primary came high-school where you could most definitely NOT have pegged me for the kind of person to wind up in radio but that was because I needed university to happen first!

I joined USIU for many reasons. Admittedly, one of those was because it was famed for its easy curriculum (something that’s not entirely true). While there, I was hell bent on getting a business degree so I could get one of those proper six figure corporate jobs but as fate would have it, even with my business degree, it was my love for radio that drew me a different path.

My dad would always joke about school and how it’s more for networking than it is for learning but I have proved that true. I joined their campus radio Radio USIU 99.9FM under the guide of one Kiplagat Kwambai and it was one year down the line that through the connection Max, Frankie and Kafi (also presenters at HBR and USIU allumni) had with G Money, I landed my first radio job.

I hosted a dancehall show. You got that right and for two years!

That was how it all started.

I since moved over to Homeboyz where I learnt to script. record and edit audio content and where I honed my presenting skills by being entrusted with filling in for their daytime presenters whenever needed.

Doing what I do has been no mean feat and there are so many things that I have planned out for this year which include, developing my YouTube channel, starting up my audio podcast and giving back a lot more.

As they come about, you can watch, listen and maybe even participate in my journey right here through my blog.

Thank you for reading!