My Quest To Find Love

Two years back I wrote my first ever blog post and still remember being really awkward about whether or not a  blog should sound like a page off of my diary.


What’s scary about it is that like a diary, any time you write something about your life, you have to hope the people who’ll read it will both like and possibly relate to it. So here’s to hoping you do any of those two because yes, this is about my life.

You see, I am a twenty something year old with quite the collection of romance novels at home because I secretly not so secretly fantasize about Mr. Right. About Mr. McDreamy.

I don’t know who that is and I’d love to think that I’ve met him already but as far as I know, my search for him continues and the fact that it’s now February makes the searching more endearing.

Why is it so hard to find him though? No really. Not to brag here but I’m doing pretty good for myself aren’t I? I’ve got a job, a car, no known history of psychosis…

But it’s okay. I have a plan. I mean you know what they say about not having a plan right? No? They, or rather, Zig Zaglar says that you have to have a plan because “if you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.”

Well my plan has been to evaluate what the problem is.

See after a lonesome analysis of my life, it’s come to my attention that my search for so called ‘Mr. Right’ is being inhibited by one fact.

That Mr. Right changes over the years. In primary school, he was a popular kid with a pretty smile and a great grade average. In high school, he was a rich kid with a car and good connections. In uni (don’t judge me) he was a nerd with a perfect score and an insanely well thought out plan for his future (which in my fantasies, included me).

Now? Well today, thanks to the douche bags that have preceded him, he is anyone with a good head over their shoulders and a good sense of humor. Oh and you’d be surprised how hard THAT is to find.

I know you agree with me though right? That we change and that as we do, our view of life and our expectations of it change as well.

That we might not love tomorrow the things we obsess about today. I mean if that wasn’t true then imagine how much harder my search would be. I’d have to find myself a popular, rich, nerd! Also, of course I’ve changed. I’m a far cry from the girl I was ten or more years ago. We all change.

Be that as it may, I then worry about what happens when I’ll eventually meet someone.

Will it be too great a risk to take because we might both eventually grow to love and become different people OR is it a good thing because I will then get the chance to love many different versions of one person?

Either way, I’ve got to find them first!

So the quest continues ….






5 Comments Add yours

  1. Miss Sande says:

    Lol I like that part where this Mr right changes over the years. Hope you meet them Someday.
    Always a Good read on this blog 🙂


    1. Thanks Winnie! 🙂


  2. sally kay says:

    Slusny asked me to read this, I am not disappointed. I feel you ‘ma.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s so cool 🙂 Thank you for checking it out!


  3. chris says:

    that highest carat gold a’nt on the surface they r in disguise


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