5 Brand New Kenyan Jams Released In January

It’s barely mid month and the race to be the first artist to drop a project in the new year is on.

While these are not in any way the only videos and singles to have been released this far, they are great and undoubtedly for their own unique reasons.

Here. Allow me to take you through the list.

1. ‘Warrior’ by Jaguar ft EL from Ghana.

Centered around the idea of being fearless, this video may not necessarily depict this, but definitely embodies the African look with use of art and dance.

2. ‘Amina’ by Sanaipei Tande.

This surprise comeback was a magical work by seasoned singer Sanaipei and producer Dillie. Out as a lyric video, listen as Sanaipei Tande reminds you why talent like hers is unrivaled.

3 ‘King Kaka ‘Senzenina’ 

I first came to hear of and love King Kaka back when he released ‘Swahili Shakespear’. It was the simplicity of the arrangement that allowed us to focus solely on the graveness of his rap and oh how that song spoke to many and in great depth. Kaka is back and now featuring YouTube sensation RedFourth Chorus in a moving single about love and loss.

4 ‘Live It Up’ Creme de la Creme ft Redsan & Victoria Kimani.

Floating over the success of his work with Wahu and Sudi Boy, DJ Creme de la creme started 2017 with a club banger featuring Redsan and Victoria Kimani aptly named ‘Live it up’.

5 ‘Naked’ by Khaligraph Jones

Bound to inevitably be a conversation starter, this Khaligraph Jones video is well, looking to be banned from daytime TV (by Kenyan standards). I sure love it though. Check it out;


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