Just My One On One With Kenya’s Top Female Deejay –DJ Redbone–

It was 5 year ago when we first met. Back then I co-hosted a Saturday night show with DJ Andie. We’d decided to invite a guest deejay and imagine my joy on learning that it would be a girl deejay.

We only ever met that one time and since then, she’s done pretty good for herself, headlining plenty of gigs in East Africa and winning quite a few awards including the Stylus Deejay Awards which have named her ‘Female Deejay of the Year’ twice in a row.

With a name known by many and quite the social media clout, I expected to meet a different girl altogether. Perhaps more ‘superstar-ish’ and maybe even a bit snobbish girl but no, somehow she was the same Redbone from 5 years back.

Our one hour chat yesterday revolved around a lot of things most of which included life changing events in her life, the real story behind her leaving Kaka Empire and how it’s REALLY like to be a female deejay.



Redbone studied multimedia and began her career as a deejay shortly after completing a course at Homeboyz Deejay Academy MTA. Her name was actually a last minute pick as she explained listening to Lil Wayne use that word in a jam. That’s right. No deeper meaning. Not an acronym for anything but it stuck.

After humble beginnings, she quickly gained traction, later getting an offer from Kaka Empire, an offer she accepted but would later regret.

According to the ‘turntablist’, she didn’t get the amount of support she hoped being part of a record label would give so she very publicly went independent in one of the only times she’s ever been on entertainment headlines.

It’s been quite a while since that decision and having had overwhelming success since, looks like it was the right one. She however maintains that there is absolutely no bad blood between her and the label.



I’ve always imagined life as a deejay to be a real life fantasy. I mean c’mon, you travel, you work nights and sleep during the day (or at least I imagine so) and you party for a living!

Well despite awkward schedules which includes having free days when every other person with a regular life is at work or is otherwise per-occupied, DJ Redbone found love and is currently engaged. Sorry fellas.

Redbone said this life changing event happened on her birthday last year while on a road trip to Naivasha and says she intends to keep her career as a deejay even after tying the knot.



Being a young deejay is hard in itself but being a young female deejay as I learned from DJ Redbone, is its own special kind of difficult. From club owners who won’t pay nearly as much as you deserve to other deejays not taking too kindly to you earning more than they do, she’s seen it all.

Her advice? “Learn to develop thick skin when needed”, something a bit surprising to hear from her, given the sweet and shy aura she gives off.

Well thick skin or not, hers is an inspiring journey of a girl who never had to change who she was to get to where she wanted to be in life.

Hope you enjoyed the read!

Get more of Redbone’s mixes here.




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  1. Deejay koks says:

    My number one favourite female deejay…big up ..from da first time I saw you deejaying and indeed made do something that I rarely do danced to ur muzik…once again Dr big up…


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