Remember Third Hand Music? Well Hope You’ve Watched THIS Video of Theirs.

My two hour interview with this trio taught me a lot about the music industry. I taught me that great talent can be found where you least expect it.That it need not only be in the stars we so often celebrate.

When I met them,I barely knew they were the guys behind hit single ‘Helena‘.

Truth is, I’d met one of them, Ken, through a brief but awesome encounter with singer Phy at my workplace.

It was when Wyre was debuting his 2015 album LION and I had a pretty interesting one hour pre-show.

Myself, Della Mbaya and ZJ Heno got to interview Wyre’s first ever producer, the initial ‘Necessary Noize’ crew, some of the stars with careers that have lasted about the same time as his and then (for a surprise 7 minutes) got singer Phy to do acoustic mashups to Wyre’s biggest jams! Ken was her guitarist.

The other two, Mike and Collo, I was introduced to by good friend and videographer Jacob Mwangi (known to his friends as Mwas).

They were at band practice and I had just thought to start a feature on my show (Weekend Breakfast #WBWR) where I’d interview artists and have them perform to us in studio.

Long story short, theirs would be my most memorable interview and aside from the laughs we had during the show, they debuted their then brand new and unrecorded single ‘In The Air’ LIVE and on my show.

It’s been months after that, months that they’ve spent performing and also (clearly) shooting the video to that song, a video that came out November 27th.

Third hand music is a crew with a lot of purpose behind any and all of their projects and while you can click this link to learn more about them, (and to also watch more of their cover songs) I’ve posted their new video below and I hope that like me, you find that it’s the perfect song for a time like Christmas and a period just before we get into the election year.




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