Bensoul Gets Featured on H_art The Band’s Latest Single (Watch it Here)

You may remember him from the acoustic talent show I hosted on HBR called ‘The Cover’.

After giving us stunning renditions to jams like Nameless’s ‘Coming Home’ and Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up’ and Stella Mwangi’s ‘Stella’, Bensoul became a favorite among the listeners and a force to watch for.

What many didn’t know though, is that even though he was new to Kenyan airwaves, Bensoul was definitely not a stranger to it.

He’s performed numerous times and been an instrumentalist to many of Kenya’s biggest names, a list that includes Third Hand Music (who we know and love for that incredible cover to E -Sir’s ‘Mos Mos’) and H_art the band.

When he’s not on stage, Bensoul pens many songs for artists, the most recent being the hit song ‘Toka’ that  catapulted girl duo ‘Band Beca’ to instant fame.

Well it’s Bensoul’s turn to be in the limelight and how fitting that it should be on a single with his long standing friends H_art the Band.

Called ‘Masheesha’, I gather that there’s a kind of girl they’re singing about. In fact, it may be the same kind that H_art the band famously sang about in their innitial hit ‘Uliza Kiatu’ and I may (at some moment back in time …in uni, been that girl. lol)

Super proud to have met and worked with Bensoul and I genuinely hope this is but only the start of a superb career!




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