My Journey: (Week 1) Just Look at How Much I’ve Learned!

Last week I started along the path of self discovery which I’m sure a few of you will argue, should be a much more private affair than this.

I’ll be honest and say that yes, a part of me thinks so too. But then there’s the other part. The one that does well with knowing that I’ve got my friends (that’s you) to hold me accountable.

Without going too much into why I am doing this (although you can read about it here), this is really my quest to pick up a few useful skills and pointers along my path of self discovery that’ll make me (and hopefully even you) a more fulfilled individual.

So step 1: How to discover oneself.

Yes. That was absolutely what I typed into google before realizing how big a statement that was.

How big? I pretty much perused through a good number of related sites and books written about certain aspects of self discovery but I managed to gather a few common things.

1 It’s important to Journal.


At first I thought, but why? What would I be writing down if the purpose of this journey clearly states that I don’t know (like really know) myself?

Well reading on, I found that in any problem, it’s always logical to start from what you do know. One site even lists a few of the questions we should endeavor to answer at the start of this journey and they include;

  • What inspires you or makes you really happy?
  • What is your potential i.e what are you great at or could easily succeed in?
  • What are the most important things in your life? (in order of priority).

Sounds easy enough.

2 Steer clear of any negativity.


Sounds much easier than it is but it is regardless, of utmost importance.

“Keep your head clear! It doesn’t matter how bright the path is if your mind is always cloudy.” -anonymous.

I’ll admit that I struggle with this because I’ve got a soft personality and I’m talking the kind that sympathizes with stray dogs and cries when watching sad (sometimes even happy) films. I wear my heart (feelings) on my sleeves and if you’re like me then we’re both in luck because I found out something helpful this weekend.

I found that from now on, in the face of adversity, what I need to be doing is applying what I am now calling my 3 T’s.

Thankful: To start by counting my blessings and appreciating the things in my life that ARE going great whether it be as small as that little task I set out to do and actually managed to do it.

Talk: Things might be bad but they always seem worse if you keep them to yourself. Am I right? So. To find a good friend or trusted family member whom I am close with and tell them about the things that seem to be weighing heavy on my mind.

Treat: Have that self-reassuring ritual you do to brighten up your mood when things get gloomy, whether it’s watching re-runs of your favorite animation, cooking your favorite meal or… reading Rae’s blog 😉

3 Stay motivated.


Motivation is the fuel to success and from my extensive (and by that I mean thirty minute something) research on google, motivation comes by filling up your mind and your soul with the right kind of attitude. The ‘can do’ type of attitude.

I plan to get started by having conversations with people who’ve walked (or are walking) this path successfully which is where YOU come in.

Whose journey would you like to know about? I’ve got my list but I’m open to suggestions 🙂 Maybe we could make it a periodic thing where we pick a personality and learn from their various life experiences like heartbreaks, memorable moments, painful losses and lessons learned.

Reach me on twitter and/or facebook.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. breetoons says:

    Love it


    1. And now to work at posting on this blog a lot more than I have been 🙂 Thank you for reading this Bree!


  2. Kenneth karue says:

    So emotional posts


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