Redfourth Chorus Covers THIS Major Hit from ‘Empire’! (Video)

From the creators of the viral ‘Kuliko Jana’ (by Sauti Sol), ‘Kutembea Na We’ and ‘Baadaye’, comes yet another incredible cover.

Featuring four amazing vocalists who include Emma Cheruto (who we loved and enjoyed from #TheCoverKe), Wambvi,  Muhabi and Ach13ng’, this rendition (like all of Redfourth renditions) is beautifully arranged by producer, vocal coach and artist Phillip ‘Filah’ Tuju.

Coming from different musical backgrounds, these four ladies covered ‘What is love’, a song you’ll probably recognize from hit TV show Empire, using only their voices, in the most eargasmic three minute-something video.

Now before you plunge right into acapella heaven, here’s how the original sounded like;

Ready? Listen and watch as Redfourth Chorus completely bodies that jam and in the most spectacular way.

Remember to sample more exclusive renditions on Weekend Breakfast With (me) Rae, on Homeboyz Radio, from 6am to 9am on both Saturdays and Sundays.


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  1. breetoons says:

    I loooooove Flooooooooo


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