Kaskazini: The Band I Met and Fell In Love With

I was on the way home from one of my radio shows one weekend when my good friend and videoghrapher Jacob introduced me to a group of three singers who at that time went by the name ‘The Ones’.

As I was in a hurry to get home, so I left but gave them a ride to town, a ride that turned into a mini- carpool karaoke session.

They didn’t have any recorded singles then, but keen to see to it that I listened to how good they are, they whipped out a guitar and sang as I drove.

I’d never heard any of the songs they were performing at the backseat of my small car but knew they were an incredible group because they had me singing along!

We hosted them on the show later on where they first of all shocked me by doing an acoustic rendition to Michael Bolton’s ‘Soul Provider’ in perfect harmony before later singing three of their not yet recorded (let alone released) singles.

You can watch their live performance HERE and in the meantime, here’s my favorite.

(Don’t forget to subscribe to that YouTube channel for more exclusive videos).


5 Comments Add yours

  1. evanyambu says:

    never heard of them but will look out for their songs


  2. israelczar says:

    These guys are the future✊


    1. Yeah they really are great! 🙂


  3. Partraw says:

    Awesome guys!
    Keep moving


    1. Thank you for reading Partraw 🙂


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