Letters To My Daughter (Part Two)

Date: September 2nd 2016

Dear Alexis,

We are approximately two months, two and a half weeks to your second birthday!

That’s right. Two incredible years of being on a journey I was truthfully less than prepared for but abundantly grateful about.

Children are indeed a blessing. That’s what they say right? Except for maybe when they’re about two years old!!

Yeah I thought the eating of baby jelly and picking up of a dead lizard (yes you did that!!!!) was bad enough, little did I know that those were only parts of the trailer. The real movie started when your talking got better and oh yeah, when you got tall enough to pull things down.

It’s great that you like copying everything I do which I know is a phase you won’t be proudly (or otherwise) returning to in your teenage years. What’s not so great is when you insist on jamming two or three dvds in the dvd player at the same time.

I can’t wait to see your face when I get you what I plan on getting you on your birthday. I’ll give you a hint, it’s got something to do with cooking. I figured I’ve had enough of you ‘pretend-cooking’ with literally all the sufurias and dishes.

Watching you pick up words and phrases has also been an absolute joy and I guess I should take the fact that you monopolize my phone as just healthy curiosity.

As many days as there are when I miss my sleep and pray for even the fewest minutes of privacy (because you clearly don’t seem to think I should at least be in the bathroom by myself), there has truthfully never been a dull day with you.

Forever the apple of my eye!


Yours always,



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Winnie Sande says:

    Aaaww beautiful photo of Alexis & you. You are a great Mum. I’m sure she is so proud of you. Mmmmh trying to imagine what she’ll cook 🙂


  2. breetoons says:

    I love you Rae and Alexis Awesome parent ever


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