Interesting Facts About Jua Cali’s Up Coming Album

Jua Cali may not be the type of artist with a million and one hit singles out each year but he always manages to get any song of his that comes out to enjoy impressive airplay and weave its way to the top of charts.

It’s been two years since his last body of work came out and after keeping busy performing at Coke Studio Africa, at the Sport Pesa Festival and a lot more, it’s been reported that a fourth album is currently under way and may be dropping sooner than we think.

So what’s going to be so special about this album?

Well I got on the phone with this Calif Records head honcho and found out a few impressive things.

First, it won’t be laden with collaborations. In fact he says it’ll almost be 90% just Jua Cali and that we may even be hearing him sing (which would have been shocking but hey, Nyashinski did it.)

Then, of the 10%, will be a Wyre collabo which seeing how great their Khadija single was, could be the next radio banger and a Kenyan rapper from a long time ago.

He didn’t name who it was but instead hinted by saying;

“It’s a huge huge artist. As in people won’t be expecting this. He is the real OG. Was Kenya’s first ground breaking rapper who is known for being lyrical but who hasn’t gotten on a track in a really long time. We’ve been working to get him on this project for a while and it’s happening. We’ve managed. But I’m still not telling you who it is.”

Like geez.Who could it be? I mean it can’t be Nyashinski (cause I asked and he said it wasn’t). So who does that leave us with? Do you know any iconic Kenyan rappers known for being lyrical but who haven’t been on the scene for while?

I do. And yes. Getting Kalamashaka on a track would be straight fire!



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