5 Things I Learnt From Turning a Year Older

It’s 5 am in the morning, I drag myself out of bed with my eyes still closed, silently cursing under my breath at how cold being out of the covers feels like. I take a shower, get dressed, make a non-successful attempt at flattening my hair before grabbing my car keys, getting in the car and realizing that with the time I’ve now got left till the start of my Sunday radio show, only a magical catapult would help get me behind the mic anywhere near ‘on time’.

This is somehow always the story each weekend morning only this past weekend, was my birthday.

What did that mean? Well that other than the knowledge of the fact that I was turning a year older, my life was gonna remain pretty much the same.

I mean sure, I could turn up with friends, make a feast-worthy dinner for my family and make a silent wish (about a future I’ll have to work for anyway) while blowing out far too many candles but when it’s all said and done, things aren’t going to drastically change.

And come to think about it. Why should they?

I’ve got a job that I love, family that has accepted me and my karaoke loving, house music crazy and otherwise somewhat awkward personality plus, everything that has happened so far in my life, good AND bad, has played a part in getting me here.

That said however, there are certain lessons that I have learnt getting to this milestone. Yup. The great 2-6. You know, the year you get to and then realize how much closer to your 30s you are than to your 20s.

Here they are.

5. Being yourself is and always will be your greatest weapon and defense.

I have had to fill in many shoes or better put, wear many hats and each time, I was only successful when I chose to be myself. No not the cool version of me. Just me. It really is true what they say. That you should always “be yourself because an original is always worth more than  a copy.”

Be yourself

I’ve learnt to embrace the part of me that ‘fails’ and ‘needs more practice’ because it’s made my strive for better more earnest.

4.Your 20s really are for being aggressive.

Time flies!! Waste time and the window when you’re young enough to pursue the opportunities that will make you happy will shut and all you’ll have is a bunch of unaccomplished ideas. Best way to get things done is to just start!

Just start

Stop worrying that it may not work out. Be wise about it but throw caution to the wind and try your hand at just about everything and don’t give up!

3. Set some goals!

Remember in school when they asked you to define characteristics of good goals? No? I do. Good goals should be SMART.


Periodically sit down with a pen and paper and genuinely make a list of where you’d like your life to be in the coming months or year and device specific plans on how to get there.This one really helped.

2.Be choosy with your friends.

Because of how much time we spend with the people in our lives we consider as ‘friends’, it’s important that we make sure they are real ones.That they love you and have your best interests at heart. Note that these kinds of people will be few and in my experience, they tend to be the least demanding. They won’t be constantly pestering you to hang out every so often at some club. They won’t zone out if you talk goals and life. Get the kind of friends that build you and help you be better. It might sound choosy but really. Evaluate the kind of impact all your friends have had on you in the past and if the impact hasn’t been good, then walk away.


  1. Believe in yourself.

You’ve gotta be the main cheerleader in your own success journey. The naysayers will come and go. There will be moments when things won’t seem to be working out and it will feel terrible. Push on. Read inspirational books if you have to. Heck, check out this blog!!! Talk to someone. Talk to me. Do what you must to keep the fight inside you alaive. Refuse to be a quitter.


That’s right. I’ve gained immense wisdom with the dawn of a new year for me. Lol. Maybe it’s just the mood I’m in.

I truly am thankful for life seeing as how we live in a world where so many innocent people lose their lives everyday #PrayingForNice #BringBackOurGirls #BlackLivesMatter.

I’ve enjoyed every bit of my journey so far and can’t wait to enjoy even more. Speaking of which, will be unveiling a super exclusive feature on my radio show in the coming weeks 🙂

Will keep you posted!





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  1. Winnie Sande says:

    Reading with a wide smile ,,,,, My 1st read of Thursday morning. Love your Personality Miss Kiragu****


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