Didge Is Back and In a Major Way! (Video)

If you’re expecting this to be the video to a new single of his then you’re in for a surprise. Most of us grew up listening to this rnb crooner on jams like ‘Saa Zingine’ and though he is still very much on our music scene getting featured on 125’s ‘Can’t Take It’ single along with Sage, Didge is back guys and it’s with an all new TV Show.

Now, it’s currently being hosted online and may be reminiscent to James Corden’s ‘Carpool Karaoke’ but this is definitely a first of it’s kind in the 254, giving a much lighter, heartier, fancier, funnier kind of celebrity interviews.

It’ll basically be Didge playing chauffeur and taking your favorite Kenyan personalities on a car ride to wherever they planned on being that day while having a conversation with them in less of a ‘presenter and interviewee’ type of setting and in more of a ‘long-lost-friend’ type of way.

What will that look like? They’ve dropped the teaser and having already known Didge for being an incredible host from when he and Mongolo hosted popular TV show ‘Is Vipi’, you bet this will be worth your time and bundles.

Check it out and oh yeah, don’t forget to subscribe.




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