The Social Media Roast That Turned Into a Happy Ending

When I look down at this golden statue, May it remind me and every little child that no matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid.” Lupita Nyong’o.

That certainly is the reality for one Seve Gats who by now you must know as the lady whose photoshop mishap made her Kenya’s highest trending topic about three months ago.


From the few interviews of her I’ve watched, I gather she had a real love for China solely based on the fact that every utensil and household product at her home was “made in china”.

Yeah you’ve seen that phrase engraved at the back of your spoons, plates and combs but it’s never fuelled a love for China so great you were willing to Photoshop your way there or has it?

Well in her case it did. And that made her the laughingstock of a somewhat cruel social media community but it’s okay because she is clearly having the last laugh.


With the aid of a few people who saw past the jokes and the barrage of images and memes to see a well intended dream by a girl who in normal circumstances would have never been able to travel to China all by herself, Seve’s dream has come true.


That’s right. A real dust to gold story. Dream to reality. Rock to diamond. Sevelyn has been on various media, doing interviews and has (as I hear) received a job offer.


She got her dream handed to her on a silver Plata. Enjoying her first plane ride to a country waiting for her to enjoy a list of fun activities I read fitted on a whooping 21 page itinerary. Yeah how’s that for a get back at all the people who hated on her before.


This all got me thinking about a lot of things. One of those being how social media can be harsh even though it’s normally camouflaged as humor which means that there have been and will continue to be multiple ‘Seve Gats’ type situations only sadly without the happy ending.


Not that it happens often but it will happen and I think it’s important to have in mind that just like Seve Gats, these innocent people who aren’t as tech savvy or whose whatsapp texts get leaked, are at the end of the day, still people.


It’s also good to carry social media with a level of lightness because, hey, were it not for her getting her ‘travel to China’ dream come true, people already forgot and (as will always be the norm) have move on to yet another trending topic.


Good for you Seve!


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