Nyashinski’s New Jam Definitely Proves THIS To Be True

To anyone who may not have been born during the era of the Kleptomaniacs, they were one of Kenya’s most iconic music groups and I say ‘one of’, because back in the day, we had a lot of music groups. From Tatuu, to Boomba Clan to Deux Vulters, they were many.

Kleptomaniacs (or Klepto for short) brought us multiple hit singles like ‘Swing Swing’ and most notably ‘Tuendelee’ which was a clap back jam before the crew of three parted ways.


Since then, Collo has stayed on the scene while, I’d love for someone to please tag Robba on this story cause I don’t know where he wound up and as for Nyashinski? He left the country and stayed hushed until Nameless brought him back to us with his ‘Leti Go’ single.

Riding the wave of that single and the curiosity most people had as to whether or not he’s back to stay, Nyashinshki got on a ‘Beat ya Kegga’ single choosing to switch up the pace a bit and introduce us to his ‘inner Drake’ in his new single ‘Now You Know’. That’s right. He sings people!

Now I’m personally glad that Nyashinski is back. I in fact love his new single which I’ve noticed speaks volumes in its third verse when he says;

“Ka ningebaki, bado mngekuwa na taki ya kuskia nikiwaimbia/ ama by saa hii mngekua mmenifanya vile mnafanya mapioneer”.

Which translates to; “if I stayed, would you still listen to my music or would you treat me how you treat the other pioneers.”…clearly insinuating a blatant disregard for the artists who paved way for the artists we jam to now.

Is he right? I’d say he is. I mean how many people will genuinely listen to this jam without criticizing how he looks or that he’s singing. International music pioneers constantly get revered and talked up by their fans AND other artists but what about our own?

I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably thinking, ‘but Rae, when’s the last time any of our pioneers brought us a real banger or something we could jam to?’

Maybe they have. What if, it’s not THEM that refuse to change and conform to our version of ‘cool’, but it’s instead, OUR version of cool that’s become distorted?

Think about it. He also goes on to rap (still in the third verse),

“It’s not that serious, rap ni hobby/ bila mziki bado namanga/ ingekua career si nigekua nalia kuskia ati naija nite Nairobi.”

Now not that I don’t love Naija music. I’m team Wizkid any day but other than Industry Nite, when exactly do we exclusively celebrate Kenyan music and only Kenyan music? Even if there was to be such a night, would people turn up in large numbers?

Bottom line is, Nyashinski released a single that to me is the realest piece to be out on airwaves.

Yeah he sings and that might not be everyone’s cup of tea but whoever is going to hate on this single will only prove that it’s not the music industry’s fault for not being good enough, but it’s instead our fault for choosing to see it that way.


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  1. Hello. You express surprise at Nyashinski singing. I don’t know why because he sung the hell out of ‘swing swing’ and Klepto’s other tracks. Secondly, he sounds nothing like Drake. He’s as original as he’s always been. AND he’s been doing this since before we knew who Drake was, or whether he even existed. But we both agree that this song is out of this world and could very well be THE song of 2016/17. Ni hayo tu.


    1. Thank you for reading the article Catherine:-) And yeah this song is awesome!!

      You know, I realize he has sang in the past but to be real, we knew him MORE for his rap than his singing and because his singing stands out MORE in this single (maybe cause this time he’s on a jam by himself), …yes it IS a surprise. A good surprise 🙂

      Secondly. My Drake reference wasn’t to say that he was trying to imitate Drake. It was only because the ‘sing AND rap’ thing is profoundly recognized or rather, seen to be a Drake thing. Just like how one can argue that the moonwalk was a Michael Jackson thing and auto-tune was a T Pain thing. So I said ‘inner Drake’ to mean that in this single, he raps AND sings.

      Loved that you shared your thoughts on this. I really do appreciate having heard from you Catherine 🙂 Yes this will be a big song!


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