Letters To My Daughter: Part One

I’ve been doing a few posts titled ‘Memoirs by Alexis’ which were really a description of my daughter’s life in her imagined voice. Well I’ve decided to change things up. Mainly because it’s not as easy to speak or write like a one year old but also because I would like for it to be something she can read years from now. Even after I’m long gone.

Hope you like it!

Date: April 12th 2016

Dear Alexis,

Since you turned one, you’ve walked and ran around the house so much I’m pretty sure if we calculated, it would be as if you’ve gone around the planet. Twice!

I love you. Even when you cry and throw tantrums.

20160212_125236 (1).jpg

Even when you disarrange things and use up half a tub of zinc and castor oil when you think I’m not looking.


Yes. I still love you.

You’re learning to speak so mom (your cucu) and I are having to watch what we say around you because you’re becoming very quick at picking up words and phrases.

So far you’ve said, mom, cucu, shoes (cause it sounds a bit like cucu), keys and kiss (though sometimes I can’t tell the difference), TV and Aji Baji (your favorite cartoons on Jim Jam). And those are just but a few.

It’s hard to believe how fast you’re growing.

20160303_154104.jpg Just the other day you could barely pick up things with your tiny hands and now you can hold a pen and scribble on paper. Even on mom’s licence! Lol.


I know they’re called terrible twos but even though you’re not two yet, with how much running you’ve been doing and how you’ve somehow managed to break a whole set of china-wear, I think we’re at that stage.

It’s been so awesome watching you grow and I know you’ll turn into quite a lady.


I know because you no longer fret much when we go on salon visits.

And also how you insist on me tying your towel around you like this.

20160303_115021 (1)

Lol. You remain the best thing to ever have happened to me and I am looking forward to a lifetime of heart warming moments with you!

Yours always,




One Comment Add yours

  1. Kenneth karue says:

    So encouraging rae..
    I will follow the steps when I’m a father


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