Nancie Mwai on How to be Successful at Blogging

Had the honor of sitting with Nancie Mwai, renowned fashion blogger on today’s Class 124 Hustle Monday (on Air via Homeboyz Radio) and if ever you thought about making a career out of blogging then happy reading!

Brief Insight into who Nancie is.

She is a Fashion blogger and entrepreneur who owns her own boutique. Though fashion wasn’t what she studied in uni, her love for fashion started when she was a little girl. She’d cut up old T Shirts and stitch them together to make outfits for her Barbie dolls.

Yesterday (April 10th) marked her 6 year anniversary being a fashion blogger.

She is a mother of one.

Nancie Mwai Face Shot

Nancie’s Tips on How to start up a Blog

This is actually something she posted about on her blog but I have rephrased it according to what I learnt from the interview.



First you’ve got to know your passion. Opening a blog is free. It can be a dot blogspot or a dot wordpress but without good knowledge of the direction you’d like it to take, it won’t make any sense and direction comes from your passion.

Consistency and Quality

If you decide to post twice a week then make sure you ALWAYS post twice a week. People will only take your blog seriously if YOU take your blog seriously and one way to do that is by being consistent.  After that, make sure your posts are of good quality. Great quality pictures and videos tell your story even better.

Nancie Mwai OtherValue Yourself

As far as getting paid for blogging and how much one can make, it’s really a question of how you value your own work. An established blogger’s rate card (what they use to charge clients) will most certainly have different rates than those of an up and coming blogger. You might not make tones of money right off the bat but if you value your work and are confident in the quality of work your blog provides then you should definitely earn something.


One common misconception is that the more followers you’ve got the more valuable your blog or digital status is. This is not always the case. I instead encourage young people to think about how much impact they’ve got. A person could have many followers but very few of them actually engage with them and their posts and another person could have fewer followers yet they all engage with them and their posts. Impact is created by consistent and relevant content. So it’s not a matter of having many followers but how impactful your following is that will ensure you become successful at blogging.

Befriend the industry

The Bloggers Association of Kenya is a great way to find and interact with other bloggers. It’s also an avenue to learn more about blogging through regular discussions that they hold every so often. They also help to push your content which is an added plus.

Nancie in Red

Did you enjoy the read?

Find Nancie Mwai on Twitter and Facebook and be sure to follow her website here.



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