Success Lessons From DJ N Ruff

There are a lot of fun perks to doing my job.

One of those is meeting and interacting with personalities like DJ N Ruff.

Long before other Kenyan deejays decided that they too can create beats, get artists together and make hit singles, DJ N Ruff was getting his music album certified by iTunes.

He is back at it! Preparing the release of his second album ‘First Class’, N Ruff agreed to a one on one with me where he dropped five important success lessons.

5. Hard Work.

“Nothing ever comes easy. You’ve got to put in the time and resources to make your dreams a reality.”

4. Be Creative.

“It’s the only way to stand out in this and any industry. Know what it is you have to offer and make sure it’s different.”

3. Patience.

“You can’t give up easy. Things take time to work out so you’ve got to have the kind of skin to see things through.”

2. Discipline.

“Setting goals is only the easy part. The hard part is seeing them through and that requires discipline. Be discipline and success will be a lifestyle.”

1.Stay Faithful

“I have always been a believer in the fact that God plays a big role in our lives. Put him first and everything else will align itself.”

First Class by N Ruff should be out sometime soon.


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