Acoustic Talent Search

We live in a world where the girl next door can probably sing a lot better than the girl on your radio.

Where a YouTube account filled with covers to jams can get a lot more popular than legitimate music sites.

What I’m driving at is the fact that all too often, the music that’s been put on rotation the most, is not necessarily the best.

It’s the opening act while you wait for the main star to come out, it’s the girl in the church choir whose name you don’t know but whose voice you can’t forget or the song you always skip on your playlist because she isn’t Beyonce or Rihanna or (to bring it home) Avril or Sage. He isn’t Ne-yo or Sauti Sol.

Those are the singers you never forget and I’d like to give them a platform with your help.

See for the past year, I’ve been sampling cover jams on my show Weekend Breakfast on Homeboyz Radio #WBWR and they’ve mostly been jams posted on YouTube but that weren’t Kenyan.

With your help, I want to discover these singers and see how we can help better package their music at no cost on their part and put them out on air.

That’s where YOU come in. Know any good singers who can preferably also be able to play an instrument? (not mandatory) All you need to do, is tag me!

I am @iamthe_rae on twitter and Rae Kiragu on Facebook and will soon have a phone line to which you can send Whatsapp Videos or Whatsapp Voice Notes.

Remember, long before you knew who Becky G, Alessia Cara, Justin Beiber and a whole lot of other stars were, they were posting videos of cover songs on the internet!

Help me discover who they are!




3 Comments Add yours

  1. Solomon Kababu says:

    Nice one there


  2. Solomon Kababu says:

    Loving this it’s good to search for local talent…feel much appreciated


  3. Winnie Sande says:

    I really love what you do Sunshine; I think Sarabi & Mankind are dope and can make great covers if they haven’t yet :)’


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