Thirsty Thursday: Excuses We Make For Drinking

According to a fun read I bumped into on the internet, you are either a ‘stress-head’ drinker, a ‘sports time’ drinker, a ‘dinner-time’ guzzler or a ‘relax, it’s the weekend’ drinker. Any of those sound like you?…

Well there’s really nothing wrong with a good hang (yes. I feel like I’ve just used old school slang with the world ‘hang’ just now), in fact I’ve had quite a few!

Imge from Black Snow

See I did some light research (read that ‘had a drunken convo with my friends) recently to find out just why most of us drink and how we can curb those habits.

Let me know if any of this made sense to you!

Beer After a Tough Day

Because beer always looks so much better after a long hard day at the office and who wouldn’t want to unwind and relax. That’s essentially what a beer does. It helps you relax. Only thing is, it is also a depressant and can interfere with the brain’s function, causing low moods, anxiety and uneven sleep patterns.

Seems like quite the price to pay for a moment of relaxation but you know what else can help unwind and relax WITHOUT those consequences, a work-out. Without much cost, exercise is an effective way to reduce signs of stress in both the body and the mind, and can boost confidence.

The ‘I’m Free Tomorrow Syndrome’

I’m pretty sure this habit started out in uni. Drinking is in our generation the perfect way to mark the stars of a holiday or the weekend and I’ll be honest, while there is really no substituting this habit, I did find a tip.

Set yourself a sensible limit while you’re out with friends and be sure to drink plenty of  water. You’ll thank me when you get to  stay sober  and when you wake up hangover-free.

The notion that you won’t be as ‘fun’ if you don’t drink.

This is apparently a common notion. I heard it once from someone in my friend’s circle. They thought that drinking helps them overcome being shy.

That my friends isn’t something alcohol can fix. Self-confidence just comes from within. If you’re such a person, maybe you could try hanging out where you don’t need to interact with people too much. Say maybe, at the movies. Meeting friends after a screening can even give you something to talk about.

Then, the ‘We Just Got Paid’ Crew.

This more often than not includes me and I guess the best way to curb this habit is to maybe celebrate being paid by going to a restaurant and not at a bar.

There. Hopefully that spoke to you a bit.

Kind of ironic that we (my friends and I) discussed this at a night out.


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