#TECHTUESDAYS For Car Owners Everywhere!

I was at a press briefing earlier today. I get a lot of those and to be honest I’m always more motivated by the breakfast and it was AWESOME.


So for the question -what is Telematics?

This was best answered by the company’s CEO Brendan Horan who, while launching this revolutionary organization explained that it was initially been born out of a merger with a South African Vehicle Recovery company.


It later expanded to be a company that focuses on a lot ‘more than just car tracking.’

Think of it like this. You’re a car owner. In fact, no. You are the owner of a fleet of cars/trucks. Could be that you deal in the transport industry, (the ma3/taxi business) or that you deal in delivery of goods which would then require you to operate more than one car/pick-up/truck.

Well, they’ve got technologies that help in monitoring driver behavior, that track down the routes used by drivers (in some cases even provide more efficient/traffic free routes) and that also enable you, the owner, to know when goods have been delivered or tasks have been completed.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

This technology basically eliminates troublesome moments like, arguing with drivers over who was on the wrong in case of an accident. Why? Because there would have already been video footage showing the front (and back) of the vehicle plus, footage of the driver’s reaction.

These videos are uploaded in 15 second pieces onto the cloud system run by Telematics and there is even the option of you the owner, receiving this footage on demand and in real time.

Now, the thing I liked the most about this is that the videos aren’t just so you can pick out what the driver did wrong, but what he did right. This kind of footage can be pretty helpful in training sessions for more of your employees.

How awesome is that?

Though only JUST entering the Kenyan market, Mix Telematics are currently in 32 other African states and many more states across the world where companies (and I’m not just saying this to give them a great review) have reported massive savings in reduced employee turn-over and above all else, great fuel savings.

Liked the read? Looking forward to your comments below.

Need more info? Then interact with Mix Telematics via @MixTelematrix


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