Monday Memoirs By Alexis Part 3

(Written in the imagined voice of my 9 month old daughter Alexis)

See I told you I would do a better job at posting.

Hi! Last week was so much fun!

There was a lot of family around our house. My auntie Maggie came to visit and she brought cousin Andy. He’s younger than me by a whole 5 months. That’s right. I’m older than somebody.


Mom took that picture of us (Andy and me) asleep. She does that a lot.

When I was awake, cucu put me on cousin J.B’s bike. He’s only 3 but he’s so much taller than me. That’s why my feet aren’t touching the pedals. It was fun though.


My uncle Njenga came to visit also. He doesn’t have any kids but he like kids. I know because I’m a kid. We didn’t do much though. But it’s okay.


I really like my other uncle though. Uncle Josh. When he came to visit last time, he carried me real high and swang me about. Mom does that to but she’s not tall like Uncle Josh.

This week, I got my hair re-done. It’s not too long though but maybe one day it will.


See? My week was awesome. You can even see for yourself via my very own instragram page. Just follow @mynameis_alexis_

See you next time!




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