Monday Memoirs By Alexis Part 2

(Written in the voice of my 9 month old daughter Alexis)

Hey there!

It’s me again. I know I haven’t posted in a while but I’ll work on that.

These past two weeks were good. I got sick. Had a throat infection that made mom and cucu so worried.


We went to Getrude’s. I cried because I thought I was going to get an injection. I didn’t get one though. The doctor only put a flash light to my eyes, ears and throat. It was ticklish.

He gave mommy some yummy medicine to give me. I only took it for three days. After that, I was better. I’ve been trying to crawl. I haven’t been able to but when I roll over and try, it makes people laugh. I guess they find it funny.

(Me Trying To Crawl)

I hope I crawl soon.

I play on my walker though. It’s my favorite pass time. I also love it when mommy dresses me up. Cucu bought me new dresses last week and I love every one of them. Especially this one.


Last week, I spent all week with my mom. She was home from work all week long and it was so fun. We took a lot of pictures to.

PhotoGrid_1440145738632  20150823_122727-1

She says it’s time I learnt to sleep all by myself in my new room but I don’t want to. So don’t tell her, but I’ll cry really loud every night when she puts me to bed.

Hope your weeks were as good as mine! Will post again soon!


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  1. Hailey says:

    You’re growing up so fast Alexis! You have an amazing mother,can’t wait to see you grow as the years go by. You haven’t met me but you will soon!Auntie Hailey loves you!:* (And keep trying to crawl,dont give up,haha,it might take sometime but you eventually will be a pro)


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