Warning! This Might Make You Cry; Saddest Poem Ever

Pro Life Miracle

This all began when while switching across TV Channels on a boring afternoon, I landed on what seemed to be a massive protest of some sort in the US. I didn’t even check to see what channel I was on, just turned up the volume out of curiosity, unaware that the next few moments would move me to tears. Maybe it’s cause I’m a mom. I don’t know.

January; the month that for too many of us always seems four weeks too long and we normally spend most of it lamenting at our ‘broke-ness’, wishing we could fast forward to February already.

Well for a couple million Catholics around the world, it is the month they have dedicated to being pro-life. Being pro-life is essentially exactly that, -Being in support of life. The pro life movement speaks mainly about abortions and euthanasia, both widely practiced and in some states very legal practices.

No worries, I’m not about to get preachy in this post but while watching the pro-life movement in the US stage a massive rally, there were quite a  few stories and poetic pieces that threatened to move me to tears.

The rally I was watching featured pro-lifers (what they refer to themselves as) marching across states preaching the sanctity of human life. At the end of the march was going to be various moving testimonies  and poetic pieces out of which, was this one written presumably in the words of an unborn child that really tagged at my heart.

(You might need a tissue)

Prolife Baby Life In Your Hands

Nine months are slowly getting close,
I am surrounded by the blanket of yours;
Slowly I am growing in your womb,
Please don’t send me to the tomb;
Oh mother, can’t you hear my voice?
Don’t you have another choice?

Aren’t you happy? You can see me soon,
I am excited to see the world of sun and moon;
In your womb, I am counting days,
To show you mother, my little gaze;
Oh mother, can’t you hear my voice?
Don’t you have another choice?

Mother, I am excited for my first toy,
I promise I will become your joy;
Please don’t feel me as a burden,
Whatever you decide cannot be undone;
Oh mother, can’t you hear my voice?
Don’t you have another choice?

I know you are waiting to see me play,
More than you I am excited to see that day;
Oh mother, won’t you start my life story,

Please don’t make my life a history;
Oh mother, can’t you hear my voice?
Don’t you have another choice?

I am excited to play in your lap,
With my deeds, I will make you clap;
Oh mother, give me a chance to live,
Even if you don’t, I will forgive;
Oh mother, my life is now a question,
Please don’t give it name of abortion.

Sensitizing people about the sanctity of human life is a task these pro-lifers take so seriously that this particular march has been on going since the legalization of abortion in the 70s.

Poem Credit: familyfriendpoems.com


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