You Won’t See Pumpkins The Same Way After This Recipe

Baked Pumpkin

Yes. That’s right. I picked up cooking since my last post. Well that’s if ‘picking up cooking’ means watching the food channel and barely seeing the inside of the kitchen.

Now, now. I can’t be the only one with this lifestyle. Truth is, whether or not cooking is a favorite ‘to-do’ thing of yours, we all love to eat. It’s the one act synonymous to every human. Well that and breathing. Okay and pooping. Fine, so it’s not the ONLY thing we all have in common but it is true that we love food.

This means that given the chance to, we would all eat our favorite meals about err… two maybe TEN times a day. Only problem is, I’m not about to bake myself a chocolate fudge cake every damn day and no you’re not making pizza every night!

It therefore goes without saying that an easy, fun and still acceptably healthy recipe is also something we’d all love.

Can’t say I’ll give you more than one but as soon as I try something that takes preferably under 20 minutes to make; something that may (or may not) be so familiar to you and most importantly, something that won’t involve a fire extinguisher at some point, I’ll be sharing it.

In fact, starting now, with my fun and 15 minute recipe of ‘Baked Butternut Pumpkins’.

Trust me. I hated pumpkins growing up so believe me when I say that the results are … whatever the fanciest word for delicious is.


Okay first you will need;

An oven

Two hands

Two eyes

….okay, okay, for real now.

1 Butternut pumpkin.

Some olive oil.

Whatever spice you like to use when making pancakes (my favorite is cinnamon).

A bowl.

A knife/peeler.

A chopping board.

Me… so I can help you eat when you’re done. Hehe


1 Pre-heat the oven (about 200 degrees will be sufficient but then don’t take too long with the rest of the instructions).

2 Gather all of the ingredients.

3 Peel the butternut.

4 Cut it up first into four portions (laterally) and be sure to scoop out ALL of the seeds.

5 Chop into smaller manageable portions (feel free to put your artistic minds to work and cut into interesting shapes and sizes)

6 With the olive oil pored into the bowl, deep each butternut piece into the oil and thereafter sprinkle them with the spices of your choice.

7. Arrange the oiled butternut pieces onto your baking tray and leave inside oven for 15 minutes.

Please note that the pieces should turn brown- gold and a bit crispy at the top.

After 15 minutes, remove and serve with a chilled accompaniment. Perfect as a midday snack.


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