Monday Memoirs By Alexis

This is an excerpt written by Rachael Kiragu in the imagined voice of her daughter Alexis Naima.


My name is Alexis. I am seven and a half months old and this my first post.

I know we have never met but my mommy says I am a lot bigger than I was when she first posted about me here, and so I will tell you what has happened since that time.

Since mommy’s first post, I have learnt how to sit. I did at five months and loved doing it all the time. It made my mom and grandma so happy! Almost as happy as when my teeth started to grow.


I didn’t really like that because my gums hurt and I wanted to chew on anything I could find but mommy never let me.

After that, I started to eat. Mommy made me mashed potatoes and pumpkin and in between I’d have fruits. Bananas mixed with vanilla yogurt are my favorite!

I now have four teeth and I am already learning to talk. Well, they are just random sounds but mommy says I’ll start to talk soon.

For fun, I like to sit on my walker, go for walks with mommy and take baths!


That’s all. Will tell you more about my life next week! Bye


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