Meet My Daughter …

I Love Alexis

Been a month and a half now since I became a mom and my god has this been a heck of a ride. In my last post I said I had no idea what mom-hood felt like but that I guessed it was awesome. Well I was right. It is awesome. Once you get used to quite a few sleepless nights, to showering at odd times (cause that’s the only time the baby will have slept) and newest to me, the being comfortable enough to breastfeed with guests around cause hey, you can’t always pick up your baby and run upstairs every time she cries and visitors just arrived.

Yeah it has been an experience and a half and to moms everywhere, I truly salute you; Most especially my mom whom I had joked with about running away and leaving the baby in a basket with a note reading “Aki I tried! Will be back when she’s five. Promise to wire money for upkeep to your account”… should the sleepless nights not have ended.

My daughter Alexis was born November 16th on a Sunday and everything about her was so small and adorable. 5 Fingers, 5 Toes,… yeah I did the full body count.

You know a nurse told me it’s normal for moms to fear that their kids might not have all features. I can’t speak for all moms but I mostly worried that she wouldn’t have had eyebrows. And I wasn’t being paranoid. There really is a lack of eyebrows on my mother’s side of the family. Hehe

She turned out fine thankfully. In fact no, she turned out better than fine. She’s perfect. Who knows, maybe one day she’ll get to read this and in the event she does,…

… Alexis,… know that you are and always will be the most treasured thing in my life! 

Love, mom. 

Also, if you’re old enough to be checking out blogs, it means you are online and could be using the internet for purposes other than learning which err… which was the only thing I used it for in my day. Know Jesus is watching!!

Haha. Almost two months now. I thank God and pray that the amazing friends who showered me with gifts, advice and even just their company during that term may see prosperity a hundred fold! Will always treasure those moments.

Mom and Alexis  Alexis Asleep  Cards  Rae and Alexis


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  1. Allan says:

    This nothing short of beautiful 😊☺


    1. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thank you!


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