5 Most Important Rules Of Falling In Love

Purple Love Heart

It’s bound to happen. In the movies, falling in love is made to look like a beautiful fantasy of never-ending bliss and yes, it CAN feel that way but that’s only in the early phases. Before long the prince charming/princess charming facades fade away and the truth is revealed.

So before you tumble down the cliff of love, here are 5 simple but very important rules to remember.

1. Appreciate the falling part of being in love while it’s happening. Because it doesn’t last forever.

2. Do not fret about who loves who more. Love is not a game or a competition. If you think of it that way, you probably won’t be in love for very long.

3. Put your whole heart into it. but don’t lose yourself in the process.

4. Keep up with your hobbies and passions  because at some point, you’ll stop falling in love and you’ll just be in love. And you don’t want that to be the only thing in your life.

5. Refrain from comparing your experience to that of anyone else’s experiences. They will never match up. They will never be the same. And it will just distract you with wondering if something is wrong with your relationship, instead of just allowing you to enjoy the falling while it’s happening.


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